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eBay - Gencon 2021

One of the most popular places to buy and sell rare TCG cards online, eBay brought a slew of merchandise and rare items to their booth at Gen Con, along with an exclusive collaboration with DJ Skee. eBay and DJ Skee designed four custom cards: two inspired by Pokémon and two inspired by Magic: the Gathering that DJ SKee signed for free. eBay also hosted a signing for well-known Magic: the Gathering artist, Aaron Miller. Miller signed custom playmats and MTG token cards that eBay gave away for free. 

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Mr Jeff Laundry - New York

Mr Jeff offers a quick and easy laundry solution ideally suited for today's busy consumers, and those looking for a contactless laundry solution during the ongoing pandemic. After the customer places the order through the app, the laundry bag is collected at the customer's home, the order is processed at the Mr Jeff store and the clean clothes are sent to the customer's home within 48 hours – all touchless. 

eBay - New York Comic Con 2021

At this year’s NYCC, eBay stole the show with its gorgeous booth layout, giveaways, and scavenger hunt. Occupying a fairly large footprint, the eBay booth had 10 rotating display cases showing off rare items, all of which were up for bid. Each day eBay gave away eBay gift cards, a Funko Pop!, a DJ Skee designed one-of-a-kind Doctor Strange variant comic book cover, and a set of Dark Knight and Superman inspired trading cards from a collaboration between DJ Skee and King Saladeen. eBay was recognized as this year's top exhibitor at NYCC 21. 


7 Mind and Body

We are health enthusiasts with a passion to share the mental, emotional and physical benefits of training the body. As professionally trained athletes, our experience with pushing the body to its limits has given us unique insights into what helps a person reach their goals and develop the mindset to stay in their ideal shape. During our own athletic training, we found that over-emphasizing the physical without paying enough attention to mental aspects of fitness left us performing below our true potential. We took what we learned at high levels of competition, incorporating mental fitness, and made it palatable for those working towards various fitness goals.

Detailer's Choice Auto Detail

Did someone spill coffee? Muddy shoe prints? Smell like wet dog? Caught too many bugs on the freeway? No problem. Our detailed services will get your car or truck nearly back to brand new. Just let us know what specific areas to take extra care to! 

Services in Chico, CA

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